Zoe Stockwell

Christine Stanley

Originally from sunny Palm Desert, California, Zoe moved for the crisp Colorado Mountain air of the Rockies in early 2023. She can now check off Denver as the fifth city she’s lived in along with San Francisco, Nashville and a seaside town in the UK, Hull. In 2021, Zoe earned her B.A. in Broadcasting and Electronic Communication Arts at San Francisco State University where she gained a passion for listening and sharing people’s stories. She even received an award for best nonfiction narrative script in her program.

Some may call her a “jack of all trades.” Post grad gifted Zoe with a plethora of opportunities, including retail management, true crime podcast writer, local magazine staff writer and now receptionist at Epstein Patierno. Joining the team gives her the opportunity to assist clients, learn the lingo of the law and create a warm and inviting office environment daily.

When she’s not at her desk committed to her duties, Zoe enjoys writing poetry, reading, checking out thrift stores around the Mile High, bouldering and lounging with her two kitties.

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