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Reception Staff Rodney Horton with Epstein Patierno Family LawRod began his working life as a Licensed Customs Broker, clearing merchandise through U.S. Customs on behalf of clients. In the mid 1990’s, after having laid off as the “extra manager” in a merger, he, his wife and two children decided to move to Grand Lake where they had a weekend cabin. They spent the next eleven years there, getting their kids through high school, loving the changes in the seasons and seeing more moose than anybody should get to see.

After the kids graduated high school, it was time to get “real jobs” again, so Rod started working in various industries until he had the opportunity to work at Epstein Patierno LLP. He brings many years of business and administrative experience and knowledge to this position and finds working for a law firm interesting and challenging.

When not working, Rod enjoys riding his recumbent bicycle all around the Denver area, sometimes getting lost, and enjoying the Highline Canal bike trail. He also enjoys reading, college and professional football, going to rugby games and driving around in his Mazda Miata. In addition, he loves spending time with his family including two wonderful granddaughters.
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